Criminal Defense

The firm takes an aggressive, proactive approach to providing representation to a criminal defendant.

All Americans are protected by a variety of Constitutional rights, including the right against an unreasonable search, the right to counsel, the right to remain silent and the presumption of innocence.  It is our job to make sure that all of these rights are protected for all of our clients.

Many people accused of a crime are innocent.  They are simply in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Many people think that they were entitled to do what they did.  Your attorney is the one who can help you shape a defense so that the Court or the Prosecutor will recognize that no crime was committed.

Few situations in a person’s life will be as embarrassing or as costly as facing a criminal prosecution.  A Defendant risks the loss of liberty, the loss of a job and the damage a conviction can cause to their family. Many Defendants are swept up in the criminal justice system and face a judge and a prosecutor without understanding their rights and options.  Many Defendants will simply plead guilty to something just to be done and don’t understand that they have rights and defenses.  Having a criminal conviction can have lasting consequences on employment and educational opportunities.

All Defendants are entitled to a fair trial and a vigorous defense.  No one should rely upon the “kindness” of a prosecutor to “make a fair deal.”  Only your attorney can look out for your best interests.  Only a competent and experienced attorney can advise you as to whether to negotiate a plea agreement or go to trial.

The criminal defense lawyers at Parker Schwartz can help regardless of whether the client is innocent or guilty. They listen to the client’s case. Knowledgeable in the criminal code and procedural rules, they educate the client about their situation and explore all possible litigation strategies. Clients get answers to their questions and get return phone calls no later than the next business day. Criminal defense cases receive aggressive and proactive treatment: The lawyers, and their team of outside forensic analysts and investigators, immediately interview arresting officers and investigate the crime scene looking for inconsistencies and evidence favorable to the client. They know the county and city prosecutors and how each office approaches prosecuting crimes, so they know who is making the decisions, what to ask for, and the most effective ways to obtain the best result for the client.